About Us

JORDAN is a private owned production company established in 1990.
From the start of the business, the Company's basic activity is production of polyethylene film, plastic film packagings and foils with flexographic printing.

By achieving Customers' satisfaction in an uncompromising way, the Company wishes to stand out on the market as a reliable, flexible supplier ensuring high availability of the products provided.

The main advantages of our Company include conscientiousness, timeliness of supplies, constantly improved quality of products.

To maintain the above, the machinery is continuously upgraded, and halls and warehouses are modernised and expanded.

For years the Company relies on direct contact with Customers to thoroughly understand their needs and expectations, and to establish clear rules for cooperation.

Our main focus is to keep stable and significant market power. We mainly rely on consistent development of the offered product and service range, and reproducible quality of supplies made within agreed terms.


To implement such stated objectives, we are introducing new solutions and are constantly developing our organization. Thus, by investing in the future the Company relies on improvement and raising of standards in quality management system. Our policy is based on well-known and reliable suppliers of raw-materials, materials and machinery, consistent modernisation of technologies and technical equipment. We work together to achieve a reliable image of the Company, and thus focus on the development of staff undergoing regular training aimed at improving their skills. Upgrading of staff qualifications provides their versatility on each particular manufacturing station. Increased awareness also means greater responsibility, and this translates directly to creative mindset in day-to-day functioning and development of the Company.


Core activity of the Company is production of polyethylene films and bottom-weld bags, square-bottom and side-weld bags ensuring packaging tightness and durability. 

Our machinery comprises single-level and three-level lines for LDPE & HDPE film production and automatic welding machines.


Our main outlet is food segment, meat & poultry industry, fruit & vegetable processing and chemical & cosmetics industry. 
We cooperate with leading companies subjecting their products to various heat treatment processes.
Our product range includes, e.g. bags and foils for deep freezing and heat shrink films.

We offer products made of film:

Customised recipes, packaging cost optimization

With our long-standing experience we are able to develop customised recipes. We also manufacture products allowing for optimization of costs of individual packagings. We manufacture, including but not limited to, heat shrink film using technology providing significant reduction of film thickness in relation to normal heat shrink films. This helps reduce packaging costs while keeping all its strength parameters.

We are recruiting MACHINE OPERATORS (operation of plastics processing machines and automatic welding machines). If You are interested in cooperation with our Company, please send Your CV through the contact form.